A lunar eclipse occasionally happens at full Moon when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon, blocking sunlight from reaching the lunar surface.
There are two types of lunar eclipses:
Total lunar eclipses and
•Partial lunar eclipses.

•A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes perfectly in line between the moon and the sun, casting a shadow that makes the moon take on a darker, almost reddish hue. This phenomenon has caused some to refer to these solar eclipses as “blood moons.”

•A partial lunar eclipse happens when only a part of the moon enters Earth’s shadow. In a partial eclipse, Earth’s shadow appears very dark on the side of the moon facing Earth. What people see from Earth during a partial lunar eclipse depends on how the sun, Earth and moon are lined up.

This year’s total lunar eclipse will occur on 26th of May. This is the first and the last total lunar eclipse of 2021. NASA says the eclipse will be visible across parts of the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Asia. Residents of Hawaii and Alaska should have a great viewing opportunity, but much of the western US will be in position for the show.

Next Wednesday, May 26, a full “supermoon” (the moon will look a bit bigger than usual since its a bit closer to the Earth than usual) will brighten the night sky over the U.S. At the same time, a total lunar eclipse will be visible across the western U.S. during the predawn hours.

According to notes by NASA, the Blood Moon 2021 or the total lunar eclipse of this year will last for three hours and seven minutes in total — including the partial eclipse and total eclipse — though the total lunar eclipse will be visible for about 15 minutes. It will begin at 08:47am UTC (2:17pm IST). However, the full eclipse will appear at 11:11am UTC (4:41pm IST) and will be maximum at 11:18pm UTC (4:48pm IST) and will continue to be at its total state until 11:25am UTC (4:55pm IST). The complete lunar event will be over at 01:49pm UTC (7:19am IST).

It is expected to be only visible as a penumbral lunar eclipse in India. After the upcoming Blood Moon, the next total lunar eclipse is scheduled for May 16, 2022. There will also be a partial lunar eclipse on November 19.

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