While the whole world is struggling with the covid -19 pandemic ,which reportly emerged from Wuhan,China.A new virus has been reported in china which known as Tick -BORNE virus.
It is said that the virus can be transmitted through ticks bites that with “Thrombocytopenia syndrone” or “SFTS” virus. According to the leading chines daily Global times,jingsu province of East china had already reported more than 37 cases in the first half of year. The diseases or SFTS virus is not a new virus.In 2009 it was indentified in china and afterward in south korea,japan and vietnam.
Ticks are basically insects that are commonly found outdoors. Commonly they are also found in pets like dog and cats.(but not in the case of all).
Several ticks -borne disease can have similar signs and symptoms.The most common on symptoms of ticks-related illness are



 3.Aches and Pain. 

4.some more symptoms of ticks borne disease include headache,fatigue and mussels aches.Also ,with Lyme disease, a person may experience join paint.

The tick-borne disease may result in mild symtoms that can be treatable at home to severe infection requring hospitalisation.The disease can be easily treated with antibiotics.

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