Rajiv Gandhi – The digital architect of India.

Nothing Goes Unrewarded In This World”
Well, as we all know that today, India is one of the most technically engaged countries in the world. The consumption of digital technology in India is expanding day by day. While utilizing the digital technology, we never thought or even tried to find out who was behind the illustration of it. So,here’s the story of an unsung
hero of India – Rajiv Ratna Gandhi. No doubt the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is doing a lot for this but it’s not Modi, it’s Rajiv Gandhi who was behind the establishment and development of digital India.

Rajiv Ratna Gandhi was born on 20 August, 1944 in Bombay. He was an Indian politician who served as the 6th Prime Minister of India from 1984 to 1989 preceded by his mother Indira Gandhi. He became the youngest Prime Minister of India 40 years. It was during sera when the seeds of Information Technology and Telecom Revolution were sowed. Although India wasn’t so advanced in technology he still believed, “India is not a stagnant country”. He started promoting science and technology and associated industries by bringing computers and the internet to India. The adoption of technologies like cloud-computing and big data are inevitable for the future Indian set up. Being a vastly populated country and providing basic service to every person in every corner of it, is nothing less than a challenge for the administrative agencies. The introduction of these technologies as part of the E-Governance plan can give Indian administrative system a transparent and reliable foundation.

There have been some recent efforts towards civil service. The Ministry of Urban Development of India has made an extensive plan for its future development. He was also the reason behind the development of the PCO (Public Call Office) Revolution. PCO booths help to connect even the rural areas to the outside world. Because of his efforts, MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) was established in the spread of telephone network in 1984.

Rajiv Gandhi died on 21 May,1991 (at the age of 46 years). He worked for the foundation of Digital India but still more than half of today’s population of India does not know about him. Not only Rajiv Gandhi, there are more unsung heroes who were never given the deserving credit and some Defrauder people are taking all the credits.Rajiv Gandhi gave India a vision of science and technology but it is our duty to fulfil his dream.

(This content is published in the memory of 74th birthanniversary of Rajiv Gandhi)

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