Drugs Take You to Hell But Disguise As Heaven.

Donald Lyn Frost

“Say No To Drugs. One Pill Will Not Harm me I don’t Want to Take drugs. I Want to Live” Well, these sentences are not new to us. Everyone had at least heard these sentences once in their life.
Both Protesting as well as Consumption are in blistering mode. Perhaps the results are very complicated.
The consumption of Drugs is increasing day by day which is leading us to disintegration.The youth is very intensely suffering from it.
So, why are drugs getting so widely used? Is it prepared to be consumed the way it is being consumed? What is the view of science 
on consuming drugs?To what it is leading us to?

Kinds of Drugs:

1.Anabolic steroids
2.C Drugs

Young people experimenting with drugs and alcohol. How ever social networking sites are offering some of the most dangerous opportunities for adolescents to be exposed to drugs.Teens are uniquely vulnerable to the effects of what they see on social sites.
Those closest to drug-addicted individuals are hardest hit. Common patterns emerge within families where at least one individual is
addicted to drugs. Drugs is one the main cause of more than 75 percent of all foster placements,and 80 percent of all child abuse.
The most disturbing thing about drugs is that people in different countries of the world are becoming addicted to all kinds of drugs.
The biggest reason behind the influence of drugs is the Drugs Mafia. In simple terms drugs supply has become a business and after the Banning by the Government it has changed into Smulling. Because of high obsessions in drugs marketing its value has increased rapidly. So when one individual consumes drugs he gets drug pleasure and to ensure to get the drugs pleasure again and again one will have it unless and until he dies or cured.

Global increase in the problem of illicit drugs both reflect and contribute to international tension. The origins of these problems are clear; rapid changes
in political alignment, reduced, family, and community cohesiveness, increased in unemployment and underemployment,economic and social
marginalization and increased in crimes. At a time when improvement are taking place in some sectors, e.g. communication and technology,improvement of quality of life for many people has fallen far short of the potential that exists and rising expectations of people who know life can be better.This all conditions are the use of drugs that leads to an impact of preventable death disability. It has greatly impacted on hard and consistent work according to sciences.

Drug is a substance that causes a change in an organism’s psychology when it is consumed. Drugs are typically distinguished from food and substances that provide nutritional support. Consumption of drugs can be via inhalation, injection, smoking etc. Perhaps it is used for curing some special diseases not for pleasure.In pharmacology,a drug is a chemical substance which medicates us. After consuming drugs a very vital behaviour has been seen in a person.This behavior is not a good sign for healthy life. It can effect a person’s sex life,thinking capacity and many more.It can also lead to short temper,loss of patience and even death.According to science the highest number of deaths are not due to cancer but due to CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), is the board term for problems with heart and blood vessels.CVD occurs due consumption of alcohol,drugs, cigarette, tobacco etc.

Our young ones are the future of our society. It is the duty of the older one to protect the younger one from drug abuse. After all we are the brother and sister of the same mother earth. With the help of open communication,observation,and positive mindset,adults can prevent such cases. Nonetheless, in case of drug abuse there should not be any need to feel ashamed and helpless. Delaying the treatment worsens the case, it is better to take prompt steps and receive help from self help groups and therapists.  

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