Me-Dam-Me-Phi is the most important Ancestor worship communal festival in the Ahom religion celebrated by the Ahom people on 31 January of every year. The Ahoms have their own tenets and faith. From the Ahom Chronicles it can be known that when Lengdon, the king of Mong Phi (The heavenly kingdom), sent two of his grandsons Khunlung and Khunlai to Mong Ri (present Xishuangbanna, China) at that moment Ye -Cheng-Pha the God of knowledge advised them to perform Umpha, Phuralong, Mae Dam Mae Phi and Rik-khwan worships in different months of a year on different occasions to pay respect to the Phi-Dam (Ancestral Spirit) and Khwan elements.

There are several instances of performing this festival by the Ahom Kings. In the Ahom History translated by G.C. Boruah it is mentioned that king Suhungmung after defeating the Kacharis on the banks of the river Dhansiri in 1563 occupied the whole Of the Dhansiri valley along with the northern portion of the Kolong river. As was the prevailing tradition, king Suhungmung in order to commemorate this victory performed both the Mae Dam Mae Phi and Rikhwan festival in his capital, desiring longevity of him and his subjects. King Sukhampha alias Khura Raja realizing danger from the Koches made an alliance with the Koch king and after this successful alliance the king performed Me Dam Me Phi in his capital. King Pratap Singha thrice performed the Me Dam Me Phi festival. First, it was performed in 1606 A.D. after the defeat of the Mughals at the confluence of the rivers Kapili and Mora Doiyang. Second time in 1615 A.D. after
defeating the Mughals at Agia Bandha. He performed this festival for the third time in order to seek blessings from his ancestors after his defeat at the hands of the Mughal. King Sudingphaa after the cremation of his brother Suklingphaa at Charaideo under a Nuni tree performed the ancestor worship by performing the Me Dam Me Phi. Thus it is seen that the Ahom kings performed Me Dam Me Phi on many occasions for averting any imminent danger, commemorating the victory and desiring longevity of life. From that time to till present time annually AHOM people celebrate Me-Dam-Me-Phi on 31ST January.
Recently many places at SIVASAGAR Ahom people celebrate Me-Dam-Me-Phi. At one of the historical monuments Kareng Ghar of AHOM KINGDOM which was built by RUDRA SINHGHA in 1751 Me-Dam-Me-Phi was celebrated this year by AHOM people with the beauty of colours. Firstly they adored their ancestors. There they organized many events like TAI-BIHU, dance, historical drama etc. which related with AHOM ancestors. The rituals and customs are performed intimately by the members of the families which usually takes place in the kitchen. A pillar is formed which is known as Damkhuta and is being worshipped with things like homemade wine, mah-prasad (beans and chickpeas), and rice with meat and fish. They also enjoyed this festival and got together in the evening with musical events.

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