“The Combination Of Sports And Studies Leads To The Formation Of The Brain And Body Duo.”

In this developing world every single second has become competitive for us. Competition among students
are at the next level and if anyone is blessed with sportsmanship than what more requires. In our growing world the value of good Educational Qualification and Sportsmanship is priceless.Of course every student needs to be educated for development of their mental state but at the same time it is also necessary to grow physically. So, with a view to grow physically there is no better option than Sports.

Play is a part and parcel of life. Life becomes dull if there is no play. Outdoor games amuse us and tone up our health. Playing outdoor games 
is a kind of physical exercise. It builds up a robust body. Outdoor games help us in many ways. We learn the value of obedience, discipline, unity and order. It inculcates the virtues of co-operation and team spirit. It fosters the spirit of sportsmanship. We learn how to accept defeat with grace. We learn to play and perform a game clean and fair. Outdoor games like- football, cricket, hockey, badminton, lawn-tennis etc are good for our health. These types of games not only fulfills the necessary workout of the body but also develop spirituality. Some indoor games which can also change our thoughts on sports, Indoor games like Ludo, Chess, Carom etc are some games in which 70% of the play is played through mind.

Default of our present day education
Our present educational system is not the proper one. It is the greatest fault of it. A student studies,”Never 
Look Down Upon the Poor”. If the teacher asks “look down upon the poor” or “look down at poor” which preposition will be
correct. Probably maximum students can answer it. But do they have really understood the true meaning of the
sentence because in reality a student always ignores not only a beggar but a poor friend.
So, in this situation who should be blamed? Is it the teacher? Actually it will be wrong to blame the teacher
because it is not the responsibility of them. A teacher can only teach a student but where to utilize it that is up
to parents. But it is completely reciprocal what parents look is the result and the percentage. We live in
a society where someone is compared by their percentage not knowledge that is why our generation is suffering from lack of knowledge and common sense.

In reality what is going on?
A student’s school/college career is all about mental labor while physical inactivity takes place.
Like a machine, the human body has a limited capacity to work. When it exceeds the limit, the health suffers.
There are instances of people ruining their health with too much strain on their body which may lead to poor health.

A person in poor health is very unhappy and unable to do his duty. So to keep the body active we should  perform physical exercise/sports.
Games, thus, provide the necessary relief and refreshment. Games help us to build a sound body which is
essential for a sound mind.
Swami Vivekananda said.” It is better to play football and become healthy than to read Geeta day and night 
and become diseased and weak.”  
Even in English there runs a proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It means that games and
sports are absolutely necessary for everybody, even for those who would be scholars. In ancient Greece they
formed the principal part of education. In the advanced countries of the present day also they are a regular
feature of the school and college curriculum.
Unfortunately, however, they were rather neglected in our country for so long. No doubt there were football and some some small-area games,and occasional drills and exercises in some places; but they did not get the importance
they should get. It is only recently that greater attention is being paid to them by the educational authorities.
Indeed, the importance of games and sports cannot be over emphasized. They are necessary for the mind
as well as for the body.They keep us physically fit and enable us to enjoy the blessings of good health. As a healthy
brain can reside only in a healthy body, games and sports are also necessary for intellectual progress. No doubt
there are physical exercise that may be alone; but there is a difference between such exercises and those 
taken in company. The former seen like tasks imposed, while the latter combines the pleasure of company
and competition with exercise. So the later create greater enthusiasm and greater interest than the former.

School must organised a variety games so that no one remains sited because in games ratio of viewer

is much more than player. As for example every school organizes cricket and football where only 22 players
get chance to play but what about like that others same happens in badminton, hockey, kabaddi etc.
In inter-school/college competitions of outdoor games players are being selected on basis of playing knowledge which
they have achieved from extra crossing. School/colleges must have their own football club and coaches and to
train them first who is eligible and that will result better one and same goes for others.
We students must focus on sports rather than imaginative games like PUBG,free fire etc.
Only playing in the school and can’t even do a single work at home this strategy will not work and this will lead 
to only physical development but not mental development.  

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