Gender can be called the fact of being male or female. There
are basically three kinds of genders viz. male, female and
transgender. We are told that those who are assigned male at
birth are men and those who are assigned female at birth are
women. Transgender is the kind where both the features of
men and women are seen in a person. Men are attracted to
women and women are attracted to men and this is something
very natural and common. The transgender are seemed to be
attracted towards men mostly. At times, it happens that men get
attracted towards men and women get attracted towards
women i.e. homosexuality, then those men are termed as gay
and women are as lesbian. This has become common
now-a-days. Homosexuality did exist before but people were
too shy to accept that and thought it unnatural. Now, in the 21st
century, the mindsets of people have changed a little and they
have started considering homosexuality as natural as
Basically, gender describes whether you are a male or a
female. If someone is a man then he is categorized under male
gender and if someone is a woman, then she is categorized
under female gender.

Gender plays a significant role in all literature. Throughout
history, men and women are being represented in various
ways. In some stories, men and women are shown equal
whereas in others, men are shown superior to women, but it is
to be noted that women are not shown superior to men which
leads to gender discrimination. The roles of the genders played
in a story reflect the culture and tradition of the society the story
was written during and when the story is supposed to take
place. It shows how the society was when the story was written
and how genders were treated then.
Commonly, gender most typically refers to the perceived,
natural and biological differences between men and women. In
literary studies, gender more specifically refers to how
individuals define themselves and how others evaluate them on
the basis of gender. In every society, it is seen that women get
dominated by men always which give rise to gender
discrimination and therefore gender is associated with
feminism, feminists and women’s studies because one must
needs to know how gender functions before one examines the
oppression that gendered behavior entails. The
study of gender is the study of power relationships – of one’s
gender, typically the male gender, gives one a power
advantage over the other gender.
According to the theories of some of the psychoanalytic
feminists, human behavior is learned, not innate. Men are not
necessarily more naturally aggressive. If a person is born and
brought up in an aggressive group, that person will also learn to
be aggressive all the time, in other words he will learn
aggression. Instead of that if a person is brought up in a society
where no one is aggressive and everyone is calm, that person
will also learn to be calm. Due to biological differences between
men and women, both are taught to behave in different ways.
Women are taught to be calm and tolerable whereas men are
taught to be very bold. These are not innate, these are just
learned and everyone is brought up learning all these things.
Women are taught to wear skirt, saree and all whereas men are
taught to wear shirt and pant. Women and men behave in
different ways; their dressing style is also different just because
they are taught to do so.
Men are always treated as superior to women. In the Bible also,
it is written that men is God’s first creation. In other words, men
are a part of God, but women are not. Women are not directly
connected to God. Women are part of men only. This reflects
the discrimination between men and women. Just because of
biological differences, men and women are treated differently. It
has been seeing since the birth of the earth, since the age of
God’s creation of first ever human being i.e. Adam and Eve.
Although now-a-days women are treated better than before but
still the discrimination is not completely deleted from the society
and there is no hope for men and women to be treated as equal
in future. Even though, people raise their voice against gender
discrimination, they are the one who say that women are
physically and emotionally weaker than men. The Govt. has
been providing education to the girls equally; only educating the
girls cannot change anything. The mindset of the people should
be changed. At late night girls cannot go out alone, they are
afraid of getting raped. Women are forced to quit job just to do
the household works and keep the family happy. They are told
to stay indoors. In this way, how can equality be established
between men and women? How the problem of gender
discrimination will be deleted from the society? It is possible if
everyone starts to work on it and the women specially prove
themselves to be capable of doing everything that a man can

Gender is basic to human behavior. The study of gender can be
applied to any social context or literary work. Hence, the focus
on gender as a role has recently expanded to the social and
cultural forces that shape men’s gendered behavior. Therefore,
one could carry out a gender study on the masculinity of men in
power, exploring how they enjoy and benefit from their
performance of masculine-coded behavior. The theorists look at
male gendered behavior, how it has the potential to harm both
men and women. Every action and every choice one makes is
one that either confirms or violates the gender roles of a
particular group. One should think very rationally before making
a choice

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