The most commonly reported Anxity Symptoms for various categories of anxiety disorders are required to be known in general:

Severe symptoms: Symptoms of severe anxiety and panic associated with social anxiety disorder may include: Rapid heart rate along with hasty breathing, Sweating, Nausea, Trembling and feeling weakness in the knees and Being unable to move or run away.

Childhood anxiety symptoms: Anxiety disorder in childhood are often overlooked or misjudged in spite of their conditions with good importunate medical care. The Childhood anxiety symptoms include: Thinking or decision making ability, awareness of the environment, learning and concentration are very badly affected. It also increases their blood pressure and heart rates, cause huge number of bodily complaints such as: nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, ulcers, diarrhoea, itchy, weakness as well as shortness of breath besides several other disorders.

Chronic anxiety symptoms: Many people experience unusual feelings of worry or fear before any important events like appearing for examinations, interviews, business presentation or even on first date, but some experience uneasy or scary occurrence called panic attacks and this makes them unable to function normally. Even people have reported of becoming extremely exhausted, have no energy, feel tired and not willing to do even small jobs, no stamina and feeling like sleeping for the whole day.

Common anxiety symptoms: Burning sensation, Chest pains, Mood swing, heightened fear of what people think of you, giddiness or faintness, frequent reduced hearing or deafness, desensitization, lack of patience and feeling angry, experience unusual smell or taste, sleeping problems, distorted sight, and numbness

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