The definition of anxiety attacks: The most intense instances of anxiety reactions are known as Anxiety Attacks. To be more precise, the Anxiety Attack is taking place when the anxiety exceeds the level at which the symptoms effect the victim to experience symptoms that cross those usually experienced during the proper anxiety reaction. If anxiety is proper when the actual danger is present, Adrenalin is finished effectively by either escaping or fighting the threat. When Adrenalin is not finished during the anxiety reaction when no actual danger is present, it leads the body to experience and maintain much higher level of symptoms which then shots up into the Anxiety Attack.

Anxiety Disorder Panic Attack Cause: The small organ known as the Amygdala generates the anxiety reactions in the subconscious mind. This very organ behaves like the thermostat which controls the anxiety response. Again this is the organ that really enables the anxiety response that generates the Anxiety Attacks. However, under the ordinary conditions, the Amygdala retorts when the actual danger is there but when gets reorganized to more than ordinary levels of anxiety due to constant anxiety during times of strain, for instance, Anxiety Attacks, phobias and other anxiety disorder symptoms are created.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms: the common symptoms include: breathlessness, racing heart, shaking, giddiness, stomach problems, blurred vision, pins or needles sensation in limbs, swallowing trouble, chest pains and many more varying from person to person. Also the Anxiety Attack symptoms on physical levels are usually experienced like strange or depressing thoughts and feeling of despair.

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